Dania Furniture FAQ

Since the inception of this blog, we have been asked countless questions about why we exist, why we hate Dania Furniture so much, and what motivates us.  In an effort to answer these burning questions you (yes, I'm talking to you) may have, we've oranized a list of common questions and answers that may be haunting you.

We always encourage questions, so please continue to write in and communicate what's on your mind.  Don't be shy - please holla at us at daniascrewedme@gmail.com.

How did Dania Furniture screw you so hard that you had to create this fantastic, alarmingly insightful, downright hilarious and truthful blog?
You will want to read every detail of our personal story, but the long on the short is that they charged me $75 for delivery but failed to delivery my couch.  After one week of arguing with them on the phone, they finally relented and refunded our purchase. Our revenge for them occupying a week of my life by attempting to bilk us out of $75 is launching this very blog, the most spiteful, bitter customer service response to absolutely terrible treatment.

What do you think of Dania Furniture's delivery policy?
Dania's policy of not guaranteeing furniture delivery is downright idiotic.  It's not as if their overpriced, faux high-end furniture isn't enough to deal with...if their deliverymen (outsourced or not!) fail to deliver furniture their customers buy - they have to repurchase delivery!  Nothing could be more stupefying. If you have not read my heart-wrenching tail, then please make your way to this page.

dania furniture delivery truck

Where do you suggest I shop if Dania is so terrible?
Macy's. They have a wide range of furniture options, have great customer service, guaranteed delivery, and solid warranties.  They stand by their product and they aim to please. It's also worth noting how much they love throwing sales and cutting prices.  If you are in the market for a couch, chair, table, etc., it is well worth stopping by Macy's to see what they have.  If there's anything remotely resembling a holiday, it's likely that they will throw a sale in celebration of it.  No joke.

When will you stop hating Dania Furniture.
Never.  There's just too much to hate. Next!