Sunday, February 20, 2011

Anti-Dania Furniture Movement Gaining Momentum. DSM Blog Appoints New Special Consultant

Last night, at approximately 10:46PM, February 19th, the Dania ScrewedMe Blog has finally reached terms on an oral agreement for the appointment of a special consultant, John J. Johnson.  Discussions were lengthy, negotiations were made, and the DSM blog is proud to have such a brave soul on board.  Finalizing this deal will be contingent upon a physical. This name is clearly a pseudonym, but due to the sensitivity of this subject, and heresay of rumblings within the Dania Kingdom threatening to do anything in its power to dissolve this blog, his identity must be kept secret.  JJJ's technical expertise is unmatched by any in the IT space, and brings 45 years of stellar, top-of-the-line online experience in nearly all facets.  JJJ's appointment will be to provide leadership at the top level, implementing SEO strategies/tactics, online and offline recruitment, and social networking, among others.

As a side note, the DSM can be reached 24/7 by dialing (724) 61-DANIA, if you need to speak to a live person to share your harrowing tales of shopping at Dania, for non-Dania furniture stores in your area, or anything else.

As another side note, a full recount of my harrowing tale with Dania Furniture will be posted soon.  This is just the beginning.  Stay tuned for tips on where to buy legitimate furniture, news on the infamous and terrible dania furniture, and other great, engaging items that are guaranteed to be amazing.  Keep visiting, tweet about us, and don't forget to link to us.  That's right, us.  Royal We shall overcome!