Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dania Furniture Recall: Riley Duo Bunk Beds

recall!  the riley duo bunk bed is outta here

Eeee! What's worse than having overpriced, faux high-end furniture in your home and exposing it to your children? Well, how about all of that, and it turns out that it can also cause serious injury to junior or your little princess, according to the United States Consumer Protection Safety Commission. That's right, folks, Dania's in hot water...again...

The Riley Duo Beds, manufactured by Wood Castle Furniture and distributed by Dania have found the guard rails on the bed exceeds 3.5" in distance.  According to the commission this, "is too wide" and presents a hazard to precious children all across our great land who sleep and dream big dreams in these very beds.  It truly breaks our heart to know Dania's peddling products that are adversely impacting the future of America.

What's even sadder is that we weren't able to find any mention of this on Dania's website, from the time this story broke on November 15, 2013 to now.  We can only hope and pray they tried to at least contact the customers who had purchased this.  Such an expectation, however, is likely to disappoint.

There were approximately 1,000 units sold between 2008 and 2011, ranging from $1500 to $1700, and was also available for sale on  If you or someone you know has purchased this, please alert them of this news.  It's bad enough to be a victim of crappy furniture, but when it presents a physical harm to the loved ones around you...well, it's possibly the worst thing ever.  We have our fingers crossed that no serious harm was ever imposed upon any of these innocent kids who were exposed to this massive debacle in furniture sales.

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