Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day #1 Dania Furniture Debacle: Dania Fails to Deliver (2/16) Pt. 1

My heart-wrenching story begins on a beautiful, crisp Friday afternoon, February 11th, in Seattle, Washington...

I walked into Dania, a (terribly dreadful) furniture store with a few friends during the lunch hour, with huge hopes of finding the right chair and sofa combo to furnish my new apartment with.  More than anything, I felt that purchasing new furniture for the first time in my life would result in complete self-realization.  Being new to the "furniture game," I was shocked to learn that purchasing new furniture can easily be thousands of American dollars.  With this in mind, I aimed "low" in price and was riding high on optimism to find an affordable set of furnishings that would actually be in my home.

After finding what I thought was The One, I made my purchase after thinking it over for the weekend.  I arrived to a bill of $955 on Sunday, February 13th, for the cost of a sofa, chair, and shipping.  All that for something to just sit on.  Jesus.  I really must be superficial.

I was informed by my friends that I had just gotten a great deal, despite having to pay $75 to a company to carry the $875 worth of stuff I bought.  Despite this, I felt good about the purchase and awaited my new, fancy, Scandinavian furniture not made by IKEA.  I was informed by Suntrax Logistics (please note their terrribly ugly website. Who steals Public Storage's color scheme?), the company that Dania outsources its delivery to, that my shipment would arrive between 1:10 to 3:10PM on Wednesday, the 18th.  In addition to that, I would be given a phone call when the drivers would be 30 minutes away from my apartment.

All Wednesday, I was rapt in excitement and could barely sit still at work.  I was excited about the opportunity to sit like an adult in my apartment for extended periods of time.  Sure, I had sitting options, but they consisted of sitting on the floor or at my dining table.  To mix things up, I could also sit in my bed and/or lay down on it.  Clearly, this was an unsustainable activity and for the week+ I had been living in this twisted routine, I grew tired of it.

Around 2:47PM, I called Dania to let them know I had not yet received my 30 minute phone call warning me delivery was on the way, and was concerned that this shrinking window of opportunity was foreshadowing terrible, terrible things to come.  About 5 to 10 minutes later, Dania called me back and informed me that the moving company was on its way and would be at my residence in 15 minutes.

Fortunately, I live close to where I work, so I was able to meet the furniture movers quickly.  For about 20 to 30 minutes, I worked with them to load the sofa into the elevator and when it failed, helped them carry it up a few flights of stairs, until one of the movers called it off due to a low ceiling.  The chair was carried into my apartment without much resistance, but the key component, the sofa, was impossible to bring into my apartment, according to the movers.  They attributed it to the fact that the "feet" of the couch protruded just enough to make it too wide to carry into the elevator.  One of the two men pointed out to me that the feet are usually off when they deliver furniture.  Never once did they offer to remove them, as I imagine they would have if they knew how to and/or had the proper tools to dismantle the feet.  The movers informed me that he would bring the sofa back to the Dania warehouse, and advised me to call the store I purchased it from to see what next steps were to be taken.

I was perturbed, because I had such high hopes of sitting on a sofa for once, and my dreams had been dashed away...only to become a fantasy once again.  Despite this, I didn't argue with the movers about this, although I did express optimism in that I thought if the three of us tried, we could get it through.  They decided to cut their losses, however, so the point became moot.  After all, what's the point of giving presumably underpaid physical laborers a bunch of shit over a sofa.  It's entirely reasonable and logical to assume Dania Furniture would have a solution to this problem, since they have 26 years of experience in the furniture biz.  Right?

The story continues here.