Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dania Ramirez Publicized Dania Furniture Hatred in August 2010 Maxim Issue

dania ramirez posing on the cover of maxim

Three cheers to Hollywood heroDania Ramirez for being the true pioneer in Dania Furniture hatred.  Above is a scan of her August 2010 Maxim cover where she details her disdain for Dania Furniture. In this article, she laments about the "unfinished, shoddy delivery service for quasi-high-end bullsh*t furniture that wasn't really worth it to begin with."  Similar to the DSM, she experienced shock and dismay when the deliverymen were "only able to deliver my three pillows, but not my dining table and chairs."  Hit up eBay for the back issue and read all about her plight and unsettling resolution to this terrible mess.

We here at the DSM would like to proudly congratulate Ms. Dania Ramirez on her strength and leadership in the anti-Dania Furniture Revolution.  She has clearly demonstrated that a strong-willed individual can rise above the turmoil and agony to be the voice of oppressed peoples. Together, we will rise above the fear and intimidation. Indeed, Dania Ramirez's work will live on forever.