Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Add Dania ScrewedMe on LinkedIn. Let Your Professional Network Know You Hate Dania Furniture.

linkedin with dania furniture's worst nightmare, dania screwedme

Impress your professional network by getting LinkedIn with Dania Furniture's fearless enemy, Dania ScrewedMe. Take our word for it, having us as a connection is likely to boost your odds of getting off unemployment by 70%, and even better at 85% for those looking to move onto bigger and better things.  Unlike for-profit educational institutions, we can make these claims.

For those who are uninformed, LinkedIn is the premier online resource for career networking, via social media.  It's a simple, but powerful tool that enables you to have a resume online, receive and post recommendations from anyone, and meet those that may be able to help you in your career. If you're not on there, then you're not maximizing your career potential!  It's not some garbage employment site like - this is the real deal. Create an account if you don't have one and add us as a connection; already got one? Then add us!

Want a recommendation to let the world know you are willing to work for free to support a cause you can pour your heart and soul into?  Intern at the Dania ScrewedMe LLC, do a kick ass job, and get rewarded with a LinkedIn recommendation that will lead to intense upward mobility, guaranteed.  Case and point: Dr. Charles Stone was a novice in the world of academia, just having earned his doctorate in psychology and moved to Brussels, Belgium. As he acclimated himself to his new surroundings, Dr. Stone found a strange sense of comfort and familiarity with the Anti-Dania Furniture Movement™. Last summer, he joined us in Europe to establish high-level political and social ties to help us take down terrible Dania Furniture. We can't divulge the top secret details here, but let's just say he made us be even more successful than we thought we would...

This internship and our recommendation on his profile gave him the confidence and experience to apply the voluminous amounts of learnings he gained to excel in his field.  Since he interned, he's churned out two big time publications that's earned him endless  shoutouts from academia's highest ivory tower. He's gained so much notoriety for his work that he's been teaching curriculum at his university, where he speaks his version of French, also known as "Broken-French." Indeed, Dr. Stone owes it all to the Dania ScrewedMe LLC for the inspiration to get the most out of himself.

Charles, you're welcome.

This could be you. Reap the rewards of getting Linkedin with us.