Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dania Furniture in Seattle. A Really Bad Review Based on A Really Bad Experience.

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Seattle, Washington sits along the beautiful, northwestern coastline of the Pacific Ocean, that's fills out a corner of a US region known as The Pacific Northwest.  It's a small big city, that loves urban sprawl, and has great appreciation for its green, mountainous surroundings (hence the nickname, "Emerald City") that are ideal for those who love winter sports and being cold. While infamous for a misconception of constant rain, Seattle's mostly grey skies with drops of rain here and there.  Despite this dreary, unfun weather fact, it is home to the world's greatest summers, usually. It's also home to the headquarters of the Dania ScrewedMe LLC.  Yay!

There is a popular notion that Seattle is a lame city, thanks to the evil, demonic liberal media that perpetuates Seattle as a lame city, by producing yawn-inducing "entertainment" like FrasierGrey's Anatomy, and Sleepless in Seattle.  Comedic genius, Dave Chappelle, even described Seattle as "a city where a white guy can just be a white guy." While, there's much truth in Chapelle's observational jest, Seattle celebrates diversity and liberalism, as long as you're not one of the bad cops. Almost 22% of Seattle's population is made up of Asians and Blacks; that beats the national average by 5%!

Seattle may be humble in size, versus other metropolitan areas, but it has made its iconic mark in terms of social significance throughout the decades. Seattle alone fuels the world's IT needs, with the headquarters of Amazon and Microsoft here, most notably (Silicon What?). The great Ken Griffey Jr. climbed/ran into walls and clobbered home runs here, while NFL Hall of Famer, Cortez Kennedy played on the same team as pre-busted-for-prostitution Eugene Robinson in the winter. Bill Gates decided to build a giant building in the Queen Anne neighborhood designed specifically to give away billions and billions of dollars.  Yep, there's a lot of cool, socially-relevant stuff going on over here...past and present.

And of course...the bad news...there are two terrible Dania Furniture Stores in the city; one in the Roosevelt Neigbhorhood and one in Pioneer Square.  As you must be aware by now, the inspiration to create this awesome blog was the result of shopping at the Pioneer location. The long on the short is that I paid for furniture delivery, they failed to deliver it, and they charged me for it.  They told me that if I wanted to have it redelivered, I'd owe them an additional $75. I instructed them that they can't redeliver anything that wasn't delivered in the first place.  They didn't get it. We fought for hours on the phone, after a week, I was eventually refunded the delivery fee; over one year later, this blog is still alive and kicking.  Don't worry, I told the store manager I was going to create an online revolution against them, and she simply laughed me off the phone and gave me clearance. Get the long story here.

We here at the Dania ScrewedMe LLC have pondered why Dania would opt to stain a wonderful city like Seattle with two idiotic locations.  The only reasonable conclusion is that they wanted to be associated with artistic excellence, in order to associate its terrible brand with a city known for appreciation and cultivation of the arts. Even if it means killing a city, like terrific Seattle.  Regardless of what terrible things they do, they will never ruin Seattle, despite their best efforts.

Why? Because they are horrible, and Seattle isn't.  How bad could a city get, when it nurtured and developed music icons like, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain and introduced them to the world. The very icons who explored songwriting and music to levels never heard of before, and established new precedence in Rock that have yet to be matched or redefined.  [Royal] We even made flannel fashionable, thanks to long haired musicians that loved to play loudass music. Death Cab for Cutie made it en vogue to shop at thrift stores and listen to songs exclusively about feelings.  Sir-Mix-A-Lot was inspired by big asses he saw in Seattle in capitol hill, and turned it into a national anthem that defined a generation.  In other words, what a city!  Dania could never bring it matter how overpriced their furniture is, or how many times they fail to deliver furniture.

To have Dania in such a fantastic city is not only unfair, but cruel.  We encourage you, faithful blog subscriber, to not only not shop there, but organize picket groups to tell Dania that we don't want them to sully this great city.

Alright, moving forward..we suggest not just furniture shoppers, but all of humanity to avoid coming in contact with a Dania store at all cost.  After all, it's not an uncommon response for those to immediately go blind after seeing a Dania storefront.  Make sure you check out your alternatives to Dania, right underneath their terrible addresses!

Dania Furniture
6416 Roosevelt Way NE
Seattle, WA 98115
(206) 524-9611

Dania Furniture
825 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 262-1001

Furniture stores in Seattle, WA that aren't Dania:
Below are furniture stores in Seattle that are likely to provide you with a better experience than shopping at Dania.  We cannot guarantee or even speak to the quality of service and product, but we implore you to at least stop by their stores and inquire about their products, warranties, and delivery to make a truly informed decision.
  • Ashley Furniture - A large national chain with furniture solutions for any need.
  • Cost Plus World - Not just furniture is sold here, folks.  They've also got tons of home furnishings, accessories, and products that could put you into debt settlement. Bring multiple credit cards.
  • Design Within Reach - Barb H who commented below expressed some concerns, based on her experiences there. Caveat emptor, y'all.
  • Furniture Factory Direct - Affordable furniture for those looking to save on new items.
  • Kasala - Now, this is real high-end furniture.  Not that terribly nauseating stuff at Dania.
  • Macy's - #manohman is Macy's great.  It's just great. This corporation is definitely a person
  • McKinnon Furniture - Home furnishings and custom millwork! Oh my!
  • Mor Furniture - Mor prides itself on its low prices and customer-friendly financing options to help make furniture more affordable.
  • Retrofit Home - Super tight looking furniture ideal for urbanites with an eye for design. Truly baller stuff.

Remember, folks, we cannot vouch for the quality of the furniture, or the customer experience, but we're confident that these are much better alternatives.  If you know of a furniture store we should include in our listings, please feel free to contact us at, and we'll be sure to include your information.

Back to the OCCUPY Dania Page for more information on furniture alternatives in other areas.


  1. This is seriously pathetic. I like Danias stores a lot and have had nothing but great experiences.

    1. Fair to say we both have pathetic interests. Our's being our website, and you for liking Dania. Sounds like par for the course.

  2. Take Design Within Reach off the good list. They are bad also. They fail to tell you that everything is reproduction and if you do one bit of research you will find Knoll and other brands they carry for far less $. Just sayin'. I have a lot of overpriced DWR furniture and I rue the day.

    1. Thank you for your valuable contribution to our site, Barb. We are sorry to hear about your negative experience, and hope you can celebrate the day you find a worthy furniture resource someday soon. Since we've never shopped there, we kept the link, but also included a note to heed your warning.

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