Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dania Furniture Fails on Facebook...Again...and Again...

In March of this year, we started posting on the Dania Furniture Facebook page, expressing our frustrations with their terrible customer service on the "discussions" section of the page. Our comments were immediately removed and we were no longer allowed access to post on their page. What's most ridiculous of all, is the fact that they eventually took away all users' privileges to post on their "discussions" page because the majority of them are negative reviews of their shopping experience at Dania.  Check out the original post on thisSo much for social media marketing!

What's most hilarious is that they've failed to strip away a post we made on their "friend activity" page, posted almost nine months ago!  Our post was originally in response to a last minute announcement on their page, advertising a promotion, where they were unlikely to deliver the furniture purchased on that day, we presume.

dania screwdme clowns dania furniture on their own facebook page

Currently, only wall posts can be made, and at times Dania Furniture likers (misguided souls) are able to communicate with whichever idiot is running their page.  However, the most recent wall post finds a disappointed Dania Furniture shopper, Carly BirdVogel-McDonald, expressing lamentation and regret for a purchase made two years ago.

a dissatisfied dania furniture shopper posts on their facebook page and gets ignored

It's unfathomable that they've allowed this post to go unanswered for one day.  Any company with even the dullest business sense would immediately spread the customer service love and respond to this person to let them know how valued they are.  Plus, it would communicate to potential/current shoppers out there that there are solutions to their consumer-related problems. Clearly the responsibility weighs on Dania Furniture's terribly weak shoulders, and they simply can't own up to it.

God only knows how much money Carly spent on those six chairs, and for only two-thirds of her purchase having legs to stand on...well, it's more than a cryin' shame...this is an abomination against furniture purchasingkind.  We here at the Dania ScrewedMe LLC feel the pain of Carly pain all too well. Carly, if you're out there, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for support. You are not alone.