Friday, March 2, 2012

Dania Furniture Sales Associates Earn Less Than the Homeless, According to, a career-based search engine, has published a shocking report, exposing Dania Furniture as a heartless employer - a universal belief, now substantiated by a website.  According to their calculations, The Homeless earn 40% more than the average sales associate at Dania.  Specifically, a Dania Furniture sales associate, earns an average of $24,000, as opposed to the average salary of a homeless person, which is $40,000.  In other words, according to this very true, factually-reliable, probably not incorrect data - Dania sales associates earns just 60% of your average homeless person. reports the homeless earn more than dania furniture sales associates

No details around benefits have been disclosed, but it does make us wonder if they would offer any, considering the average wage of those without housing earn more than Dania employees.  Man oh sure does sound like someone needs to unionize them.

even istockphoto clowns daniaWhile we hate Dania Furniture with all of our collective heart, we do advocate that Dania employees are given a fair wage, at least equal to that of the homeless and that they be equipped with skills and training to perform a job well done.  It's clear that Dania headquarters would rather invest in maintaining their tacky, gaudy, out-of-touch universe of bloated salaries and lifetyles.  Their terrible corporate culture, of arrogance, greed, and neglect that creates a social wall of out-of-touchedness that their frontline employees exhibit in the showroom.  This is likely spreading to their outsourced furniture delivery partner, Suntrax Logistics. This is the only reasonable conclusion.

We often reflect upon our meeting with a former Dania sales associate (the one holding the trophy we awarded to Dania at the Page 1 Party) and recall his experience of working at Dania Furniture.  "It fucking sucked!" was his visceral reaction. He was furious at just the thought of working there, and genuinely enjoyed the fact that Dania was awarded "World's Worst Furniture Store of 2011."  While we didn't dwell on this topic by asking him to recall those terrifying, nightmare-like memories, it was evident that he was a wounded a soul, despite the great strength he harnessed to move forward.

former dania furniture employee happy to be a former dania employee
That's the look of pure redemption.
There but for the grace of God, go we.

His story is an amazing one of mental fortitude and triumph.  He embodies the American spirit and what our forefathers fought for - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Let this fantastic example he has set be one for us to model our lives after.

There is a life after Dania...whether you've worked there or made the grave mistake of shopping there...all it takes is a fighting spirit and the mentality of taking it one day at a time...stay strong Dania Furniture employees...there is a way out.