Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dania Furniture Hated On - 2011 Recap and Look Ahead to 2012

2011 was an amazing year for us.  From the inception of the anti-Dania Furniture movement due to a shopping experience gone terribly awry, we have made much progress in influencing furniture consumers.  Here's a little recap of what we've done in the past year:
  • 4000+ visitors from 40 US states and over 30 countries
  • Nearly 25% of all traffic are from repeat visitors
  • Average visitor time: 3+ minutes
  • 13,000+ page views
  • Page 1 on Google for "dania furniture" searches on at least three continents; most notably in countries, like the US, China, Belgium, France, and The Netherlands.
  • The very founder of this blog has personally met three individuals (through mutual friends) that discovered this website through Google searches and found it to be informative, moving, and spell-binding.  These people searched for our site, in order to do research on the furniture company to decide whether or not to shop there - completely without knowing who we are or that we even existed in the first place. One of these visitors, a globally-renowned and respected IT guru, "I followed your entire story from start to finish...I would never shop at a place that could arouse this much angst." Yes, that's right, we are influencing furniture consumers. 
  • Met a former Dania Furniture employee that said working there "fucking sucked!" Wow...what a shocker!
  • Transformed from Rogue Blogger to Legitimate Company.  Hence, the inconsistent usages of "I" and the royal "we."  
While there are many causes to get behind (environmentalArabian springingfighting against corporate greedsupporting human rightshelping the indigent, etc.), we still maintain that fighting Dania Furniture is the top initiative the world must tackle before anything else can be resolved.

We fell off of page 1 of Google search results for "dania furniture" for about one month.  It was a frightening time for us here at the Dania ScrewedMe LLC, but the problem was fixed with an easy solution.  Now, we are back on page 1, and now more motivated than ever to stay there. Phew!

Unlike Icarus' wings being melted by the sun or Adonis getting lost in his reflection, we will keep the mission at hand, with our ambitions held tightly in check. This page 1 mishap only proved that we need to be more vigilant, tactful, and strategic. In order to continue with our mission, we are continuing to evolve our one-of-a-kind spite marketing campaign against terrible Dania Furniture.  These efforts will indeed turn heads this year, and crescendo into an amazing Page 1 Party.

Here are a couple of new additions to the blog:
  • FAQ Page - common questions by our avid followers - answered.
  • OCCUPY Dania Furniture - We are dedicated to provide our audience with sound consumer options.  Going forward, we will begin publishing information about furniture alternatives to every city/metropolitan area Dania Furniture disserves. The preceding post was the first installment of a series of posts about better furniture shopping alternatives.
By the way, anyone notice our recent appearance on's terrific MLB page? shouting out to dania screwedme

2012 is going to be a huge year for us.  We've got bags and bags of tricks...just you wait...