Monday, March 28, 2011

Day #6: Regional Manager of Dania Furniture Approves Western Avenue Store's "Cutting of Ties" (2/22)

This is the sixth installment in the dramatic series of my negative review of shopping at Dania Furniture.

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As the voicemail video clearly states, I was completely refunded my exorbitant $75 non-guaranteed delivery fee and had them agree with me to pick up the furniture on the day of my choosing.  Apparently this is a huge hit to them as well, considering the regional manager had to approve this gigantic refund.  What a tight ship they run. Do you think the employees of Dania furniture need to get permission from the regional manager for bathroom breaks?

Dania Furniture put up a good fight, but I won because I'm smarter and better than them. I hope they like apples.  It's also clear that they took their loss in the most bitter of fashions by killing our relationship completely by "cutting ties."

Don't worry, Dania, I won't be missing our interactions either. Because you're a loser and I hate losers. I win!