Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Days# 8-19: My Last, Grueling Week+ with Dania Furniture

This is the final post in the series of how Dania Furniture ruined my life.  There will be follow-up posts on how I resolved my furniture dilemma, and reflection on this anti-Dania campaigning and how it's changing the world as we know it.

Getting rid of the terrible Dania chair seemed like a straightforward task, especially considering the hours of negotiating and temper tantrums that were exhibited.  However, as I've come to learn...doing business with Dania Furniture is anything but straightforward.  It's a terribly tiring experience of posturing, deflection, and blame..but of course, I wouldn't give into their sophomoric behavior...I'm too good for that...

Day #8: Terrible Dania Furniture Pick-Up Delayed Due to "Snow" (2/24)
Getting rid of the chair proved to be a chore in and of itself.  For 6 days, I would suffer the pain of having that terrible chair sitting in my living room.  I was filled a deep void within that left a longing to be whole again...but that couldn't be.

I received a voicemail from the sales associate that sold me the couch informing me that consternation of snow concerns had forced Suntrax Logistics to suspend all deliveries and pickups on the previously agreed upon date of Saturday, February 26th.  His voicemail was cordial and he informed me that I would be contacted by Suntrax for a rescheduled date.

Good thing I didn't hold my breath, because that call never arrived.

Day #10: Seattle Snow Stalls Pick-up of Terrible Dania Furniture (2/26)
Below is a picture of an intersection near my apartment on the feared Seattle Snow Day of 2011, that caused Suntrax Delivery to cancel all of its deliveries.

suntrax delivery afraid of non-existent snow

As you can tell, there was zero snow accumulation on the fateful snow day that caused  to rule out all delivery.  In all fairness, other parts of the greater Seattle area did receive material accumulation, but those were outlying areas and the majority of the metropolitan area of Seattle was snow-free.  It was just cold.  It seems to reason that Suntrax could have strategically targeted areas that would be safe to drive in.  Presumably, there were enough deliveries within these areas to justify the travel, considering they offer terrible delivery for other companies.  Regardless, it's better safe than sorry, I suppose...especially considering that delivery positions are typically underpaid, despite the demanding, tiring, physical nature of the job.

Oh, well well well...I would have to continue to be patient, because the light at the end of the tunnel was still in sight, although flickering, and a little fainter...but they'll call me back soon, right? 

Day #11: 7AM????? (2/27)
I woke up at 9:30AM on Sunday and wandered into my living room to prepare coffee for the morning.  I left my phone in the living room, and was greeted by a voicemail recording from earlier in the morning - 7AM, when the Suntrax Deliverymen were downstairs waiting for me to buzz them in.  Needless to say, the chair stayed for another day.

I called Dania and left a voicemail with them explaining the situation, as I was deeply disturbed by the fact that I had not received my call from Suntrax to reschedule the pick up date. I was furious, because I could feel my quality of life declining precipitously with the mere presence of that godforesaken couch in my apartment.  I needed it out of my residence, and I needed to feel like I could move on with my life.  And, really...who wakes up at 7AM on a Sunday?  Very few people in this entire universe wake up that early on a Sunday (trust me, I checked), so it is unreasonable to assume that I would be available/conscious/awake at that ungodly hour on a whim.  Now, if that were the agreed upon date and time, I would be more than happy to accommodate for that.

Now, you might be saying that I'm complaining to the wrong company, but you need to understand that all coordination of delivery and fees are handled through Dania.  Because they handle the transaction and act as a third party in coordinating the business, they must fulfill that end of the deal in times when the pickup or delivery services are insufficient, like in my situation.

It's simply amazing how two terrible companies could find each other and partner with one another to ruin the lives of the customers that want to buy their product.

Day #12: Dania Furniture Plays the Blame Game...Yet Again... (2/27)
I never heard back from them on Sunday, although I left them a voicemail not to soon after they open up, so I called them the following day.  This conversation was a bit tense, but was quick, relative to previous phone feuds.

I explained the situation to them on the phone, and at first they said I would need to contact Suntrax to coordinate this.  I retorted this by remind them that this terrible experience was bordering two weeks, and investing anymore time in chasing my tail with them and Suntrax was not my job, nor a part of the agreement for them to help me get rid of that terrible chair in my living room.

Day #14: Furniture Be Gone (3/2)
Within a couple of days, Suntrax and Dania finally responded and scheduled a chair removal date that actually worked.  Around 7AM a punctual gentlemen arrived on Wednesday morning to pickup my chair.  Without any grave fear of the snow, followed up by coordination between the Western store manager with Suntrax delivery, the chair was finally out of my life.

Immediately a burden was lifted from my shoulders.  I could finally breathe a little easier, and was suddenly reminded of how happy I could be in life...like my pre-Dania life...although I would likely have to emotionally rehab myself for the next few years, at least.

Day #19: "Stop calling here!" (3/7)
Now that the couch was gone, I called the store to see when I could anticipate my full exchange being reflected on my credit card statement.  I asked in a straightforward manner, because I didn't want to accrue any interest from that purchase.  The sales associate that picked up the phone responded with, "We already gave you your money back! Stop calling here!"

What customer service.  I didn't even throw any attitude, nor was I emotionally charged.  I just wanted to know when I could anticipate my hundreds of dollars back for that terrible furniture.  It turns out that my credit card was credited with the remainder of my Dania return on 3/5, but it just had not posted to my online account.  No worries there, I wasn't mad that it wasn't immediately posted; I just wanted to know when this would occur.  I guess some things will never change...